Aikido Trial Lesson 2024

Aikido Trial Lesson will be held as follows.
Non experience people are welcome!! Please feel free to join.

– Place: Nakahara Junior High School, Kakuto-jo
– Schedule: 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th June. Lesson time is 19:00 to 20:30.
– Apply to: Any person more than Junior High school student (more than 13 years old) who is interested in Aikido
– Clothes: Clothes that are comfortable to to move around in. Please also bring towel and drinks.
– Fee: Free
– Remarks: You can join several times during the trial lesson period.


Guidelines of practice:

Aikido is said to be as “Wa-no-Budo”, it means the martial art of harmony.

Although the Aikido was originally developed as the “Waza” (technique and skill) for fighting and struggle, its philosophy and idea have changed with times, and now the harmonious part of martial arts has been emphasized.

Each people have their own motivations for starting Aikido. As self-defense, for beauty, admiring elegant performances of it, to relieve stress, simply wanting to become stronger or seeking perfection as a human being and so on.

Because Aikido is flexible and tolerant, it could satisfy any purpose depending on your practice way. So, you can take the preferred ones that suit you. However, practice seriously and please do not forget the essence of the Japanese martial arts! The practice of Nakahara Dojo is aiming for meeting any motivations above.

Leading teachers:  Morinaga Takayanagi 7 dan
  Tadao Ubukata 6 dan
  Toshihiro Aoyagi 6 dan
  Tsuyoshi Ando 5 dan
  Masanori Chinzei 4 dan
Toshihiro Aoyagi  
Masayasu Mukouyama  
Toru Sakurai  
Hitomi Yamaguchi